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Recurve bows can be one solid piece, but most competition recurves on the market today are three piece bows known as “takedown” recurve bows. Your bow gets its power from the unique curve at the limb tips, a design first developed by Egyptian archers thousands of years ago.


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Tuition and advice



Article on arrow literacy here.

For an article (taken from ArcheryGB Magazine) on the importance of selecting the correct arrow spine click here.

Easton website which has specifications and guides to the right arrows for your bow. Click here.

For an arrow tuning guide click here or go to the downloads section (sourced from the Easton website).

The essential guide to fletchings / vanes



Grips. Some useful advice with regard to different styles of bow grip. pdf here

Recurve bow tuning download the pdf here.

For a guide to stabilizers click here.

Bow string information pdf, click here.

Useful information of how to use the string picture, download the pdf here.



Article from Bow International about getting started in Field Archery here.

Tension and direction - an essential watch! click here.

Back Tension pdf here.

Archery Site Mark Calculator

Psychology - the difference between practice and competition download the pdf here.

The release - pdf document on achieving an unanticipated release download the pdf here.

Preparation and exercise is important. Two pdf's to download here and here.


Click Here


There are many archery podcasts available (they seem to be USA based) click here for the page listing them. Pick one search for it in your phone podcast app and listen, ideal for in the car or walking the dog. If any are particularly good or bad let me know. New from AGB is 'The Way of the Bow' podcast click here.

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