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Traditional archery is the utilization of a simple bow that doesn't have any modern additions such as sights, release aids or stabilizers. Traditional bows can have an arrow shelf, rest or arrows can be shot off the hand. Bows vary, the most common types being Long Bow, Flat Bow and Horse Bow.


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Tuition and advice



Making and tuning wooden arrows. Bow international article click here.



Bow string information pdf, click here.



A beginners guide (or refresher for those already shooting) on how to shoot from a traditional bow. Click here.

Tension and direction - an essential watch! click here.

Back Tension pdf here.

Psychology - the difference between practice and competition download the pdf here.

Preparation and exercise is important. Two pdf's to download here and here.


Click Here


There are many archery podcasts available (they seem to be USA based) click here for the page listing them. Pick one search for it in your phone podcast app and listen, ideal for in the car or walking the dog. If any are particularly good or bad let me know. New from AGB is 'The Way of the Bow' podcast click here.


Further information

Facebook has several dedicated traditional archery groups, click here for one of them.

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